Technological innovations

New System and Booking Engine Release

March 4, 2024

At the end of February 2024, we released a major series of updates to the system, the result of constant interaction with our customers. These updates are small innovations, some exclusive in the market, which contribute to improving the operability of ErmesHotels users and the performance of Booking Engine and Estimator. But let’s go in order to discover the innovations by tool:

Authomatic quotation system:
The new version of the Engagement Platform has been live for about two months. There are now some new options. In particular it will be possible on the “Advanced” version to also see in the reports the revenue and room nights in the pipeline and converted/closed, a bit like in a CRM..

On landing page templates it is also now possible to enable the automatic sale of extra services without having to add them on individual offers, to optionally disable both the customer’s e-mail request when opening the landing page and the information request messaging

Booking Engine:

Room Upgrade -Increase your chances of selling ‘superior’ rooms. Suggest alternatives to customers at checkout that will increase your establishment’s revenue. All it takes is one click for the customer to accept. You can choose which rooms to suggest, even limiting the suggestion only within a price difference range. All conversion data will then be available on individual bookings

Sale of extra services after booking
The sale of extras has become increasingly important in the strategies implemented in the hospitality sector. But why limit yourself to doing this only during the booking phase? Now you can allow the guest to buy hotel products and services up to the day of arrival at the hotel. By linking to the booking confirmation page, the landing link for which can be included in the confirmation email, it will be very easy for him to add the available extras until the day of arrival. And in case of prepayment, we will recalculate the amounts and charge the difference!
Changing reservations
Allows customers to independently change a booking made via the booking engine, with the possibility of presetting which rates they can change and how many changes they can make. (Setup > Cancellation Policy). As well as on which channels! (Booking Engine > Setup > Features > Enable Booking Modification)

By going to the booking confirmation page, the customer can change the dates of their stay. And even then, if there is a pre-payment in progress, we will recalculate the amounts and charge the difference!
Agency and guest data
By enabling the relevant options, you can allow the data of the agency that is using your booking engine to be entered even if it is not registered in your account. The registered data will then be visible on your bookings and if you support management we will also send them to your PMS.

Derivation of restrictions and closures
On derived tariffs, the option is now available to also derive closures and/or restrictions in addition to the price. By closing the main tariff or changing its restrictions, its ‘derivatives’ will have the same settings.
Channel pricing rules
It is now possible to ‘adjust’ the price you send to connected channels via Channel Manager, without creating different rates for each channel. Simply go to the channel price rules management menu, and create rules to be applied per period, per room and per rate. Simple, intuitive and with calendar display.