WhatsApp Business for Hotel Booking Engine

May 15, 2023

WhatsApp is one of the leading means of communication, with more than 2 billions people in over 180 countries using the app. Therefore, it has significant relevance as a sales and communication channel in the hospitality industry.

For this reason, ErmesHotels has developed a dedicated connection in its Booking Engine for Hotels with WhatsApp.

Hotels that use ErmesHotels tools for online sales can now integrate their WhatsApp Business account into the booking process, to communicate quickly and directly with guests who book and thus ensure a more.

What are the key features that the hotel can integrate to manage reservations?

  • Push messages upon receipt of a reservation

Upon receiving a reservation, WhatsApp automatically creates a conversation and sends an automatic message to the guest’s smartphone with the confirmation and any additional information. The Hotel can set a customized template including text and languages

  • Push messages for sending offers

For ErmesHotels users who use the Engagement Platform features, the platform will be able to automatically send the emotional offer to the customer’s WhatsApp account, thus starting a conversation directly in the application, to create a more immediate and direct relationship for conversion purposes.

  • Push messages for Pay by link

For ErmesHotels users who use the Payment Collection Manager platform, it is possible to connect WhatsApp to send pay by links, significantly increasing the effectiveness of the action and start a conversation to support the guest and guarantee greater speed on payments, based on the conditions of the rate booked.

Why is it important to serve your potential guest via WhatsApp?

Does losing reservations on WhatsApp impact your business? What is the sales potential of this communication channel?

  1. Main communication channel in the world

It is no news that WhatsApp has become one of the main means of communication. With over 5 billion downloads in the Google app store, WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded apps in the world, being present in around 99% of active smartphones.

What are the opportunities to improve sales for your hotel?

b) Interazione per il servizio personalizzato

  • b) Interaction for personalized service

WhatsApp facilitates your communication and maintains closer contact with travelers looking for their next destinations. In this way, you can get to know your customers better, thus learning their expectations. With that, they will arrive at your hotel with the experience they envisioned.

What’s the step up from WhatsApp on mobile?

Each member of your team, authorized to access the ErmesHotels platform, will be able to read guests’ messages and respond in real time, without needing to have the mobile phone to which your WhatsApp account is associated.

In this way, you will guarantee your team to answer to your guests quickly and efficiently, knowing exactly the history of each conversation, without getting lost. In this way, the service acquires agility, allowing you to offer your customers a superior experience, even before arriving at the hotel.

All of us travelers are constantly exchanging messages through our mobile phones. Messaging communication creates an even higher speed expectation of service than, for example, e-mail. WhatsApp Business integrated with your Hotel Booking Engine offers the speedest interaction between the hotel and the potential guest and it is now tested that the effectiveness of this interaction is much higher than that of other communication channels.

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