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The ErmesHotels channel manager was first released in 2004 with the vision to centralise a hotel's inventory and facilitate its distribution on-line and through GDS channels. This not only saves time when updating information on multiple distribution partner sites but it mostly optimises sales and gives you back full control of your sales strategy.

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ErmesHotels Channel Manger 200+ certified 2-way XML channels

On its 6th release, updated in 2021, the Ermeshotels channel manager for hotels and apartments is the most innovate management tool for online sales channels available on the market. Precise and secure, it allows you to check your inventory across multiple distribution channels and to take back full control of your sales strategies.

High Performance
Certified connections

Il primo Channel Manager in Europa, oltre 200 connessioni XML attive a due vie. Affidabile e veloce garantisce una sincronizzazione istantanea oltre che una profonda integrazione con i sistemi GDS per la più ampia distribuzione possibile.

Channel manager
Dedicated and professional
telephone support.

A dedicated account manager always available over the phone . Client care is one of the defining characteristics of our system. Your account manager will always be by your side and ready to help you resolve any issue you may encounter.

Booking engine
Innovative and performing
sales tools

A suite of modern and advanced reporting. Analyse data about your property, understand the trends of your pricing strategy and make any necessary adjustments. Discover the in-depth integration with the most evolved RMS system in Europe.

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Secure and reliable, without compromise.

With sales online growing daily, a channel manager counts for an important part of a hotel's revenue. A channel manager like Ermeshotels contributes toward increasing productivity through these channels thanks to its esclusive functionality.

ErmesHotels' Channel Manager not only saves you management time by automating pricing and availability functions, it also improves the way channels are used, which in turn increases revenue.

Preferred partner of the largest online distribution channels, - constant evolution - continued certification.

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ErmesHotels Business Performance Team
Supporto dedicato
altamente specializzato e professionale

Ci vantiamo di avere uno dei migliori servizi di supporto nel panorama dei Channel Manager e in generale dei software per Albergo. Tutte le nostre strutture hanno un account dedicato raggiungibile tramite mail o telefono.

ErmesHotels Channel Manager offre quindi non solo un risparmio effettivo nei tempi di gestione dei canali, ridottissimi grazie agli automatismi su tariffe e disponibilità, ma anche e soprattutto un migliore utilizzo dei canali che si traduce i maggior fatturato.

Quello che un cliente compra da ErmesHotels è il sistema di Channel Manager e, assieme, la profonda conoscenza dei partner distributivi acquisita in 15 anni di lavoro da parte del nostro Team.

Marco D'Amore CEO
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Support Team
Giuseppina Sotgiu Account Manager
Valentina Adinolfi Account Executive
Alessandra Fracassi Account Executive
Giorgia Marocco Account Executive
Full of esclusive functions
but simple to use
The Ermeshotels Channel Management system is a complete CRS, incredibly capable of managing a full hotel inventory . Full of exclusive functionality to optimise rates, rules, restrictions, dynamic pricing and much more.

On its 6th release, we have improved usability after a detailed UX study of the back office. Many of the functions in our channel manager are absolutely exclusive, like the BAR by Los, groups of channels and more. Functions studied to allow hotels that use the Ermeshotels channel manager to better their sales and distribution.

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Integrated with the major PMS - RMS on the market
We are integrated with the major (and smaller) PMS on the national and international market. Our API are always available for any system that wants to integrate with our channel manager

We also integrate with RMS (revenue management system) to enable hotels to add a component of research of market trends, pricing suggestions and BI.

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